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im 20 gonna be 21 in may im a very happy person dont give a fuck about wat others have to say about me,im a fav color is teal,im very hyper at times love to txt an hangout with friends my fav word is vagina loll ull never meet a girl like me. have my own style I'm way to nice I'm Quit,Shy,hipper,slow,Fun,crazy,nice,helpful,creative Strong,sensitive an mellow..Im the kind of person who doesn't judge people cuz i woudlnt want to get judge.I'm a weird person and do weird things Don't care wat u think about that.I don't know what I want in life. I'm not sure about anything really.I haven't exactly figured myself out yet but maybe it's because i haven't found my purpose.I love to hang out with friends. I'm a deep Person i take things to heart.I love to help people I freaking love dogs.I love photography i take pictures of everything is the best felling in the world wen u get a beautiful pictures I love going to the pool and Beach is the best I'm a hopeless romantic and i love it I lived on the moon lol. Music is my life I'm hilarious all the time love jokes an laughing.Some people take advantage of me cuz of my kindness.I get alone with everybody unless ur a bitch then idk. I'm a creative person I'm Hippy at heart.I smile way to much I'm never sad tho behind my eyes theres a lot of pain Like i said i love music I don't know where i would be at with out it.It helps me out with a bad or good day.I think love is the close thing we have to magic.Sometimes I'm boring.I talk way to much.I love to reading poems and quote I don't want to be anyone but me When it comes down to needing a friend to talk to I'm always there no matter what.sometimes i fell numb.I so want to Fly.Love to see stars and when the sun is going down is so Breath taking it awesome.I love to see movies any kind but my fav are horror movies.Heat when people tell me what to do.Heat when people make fun of others no one is perfect.I can't go anywhere with out my mp3.I love to do
nothing just hang out and talk is the best..Sometimes i can be a nerd sometimes nervous,blank,depressed, Dorky,Embarrassed,lazy, lonely,Mellow,sometimes. I want to play guitar someday i will it's so cool I'm my own person and i live by my own rules. Show respect get respect.Go ahead and judge me if that makes you feel better about yourself fine by me just don't expect a response back.If you're close minded don't even bother talking to me.

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